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Competitive gaming, or electronic sports (Esports), is the evolution of organized, multiplayer online video games through both online and live leagues & tournaments.

What are Esports?

Much like traditional sports, esports consists of teams built of players, coaches, analysts, ownership groups, management teams, etc.

And similarly to traditional sports, esports are represented across different skill levels from local and regional competitions, to collegiate varsity leagues and professional global organizations.

As such, you may have heard of the growth of collegiate esports, as well as High School clubs and varsity teams popping up across the country. With the growth of this industry, High School Esports is expected to play an increasingly important role in the youth development and professional gaming landscape.

How Can Esports Benefit My Child?

Gaining skills for their future career.

Like many college clubs and sports, esports helps teens learn valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their career and life.

Among the skills developed through esports are:

Strategic thinking, teamwork, collaboration, goal setting, preparation, and managing success and failure! Not to mention quick reflexes!

Expanded career opportunities.

In addition to developing important skills that can help teens succeed in just about anything they do, esports itself is a fast-growing industry that offers many job opportunities beyond being a pro player.

These include careers related to:

Production, programming, marketing, project management, management of esports teams, game development, information technology, graphic design, business management, finance, and even STEM fields.

A pathway to affording college.

More than 200 colleges now offer esports programs & scholarships for students, with many more on the horizon! Groups like TESPA, RSAA & CSL offer tournament prizes in the form of scholarships to help students pay for college.

Esports at the college level can motivate teens who lack the funding to continue on in higher education, (not to mention expand their collegiate social circle).

Social engagement and social skills development.

Gaming is often a solitary activity and teens who enjoy gaming are often those who are less involved in social or school activities.

Competitive esports provides a way for like-minded teens to:

Gather either in person or virtually on a regular basis, in pursuit of common goals – providing a sense of belonging for those who might otherwise opt out of school activities.

Esports Camps Insider

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