Esports Camps are designed to bring young players together to learn new skills, train as a team and grow the community. Each day is designed to build individual and teamwork skills while also introducing each camper to new training exercises for the body and mind. Performance improvement will be the top priority throughout the week of camp. We believe that an interactive environment focusing on the individual, team, competition, personal growth, community and FUN are vital to player and individual advancement.



So, What is Camp All About?

How will this camp make me better at League of Legends?
In League of Legends, each player and their team must make split-second decisions that can
win or lose a game. Top coaches will help players understand how to recognize
and navigate these situations, from buying the right items on their champion to
communicating with their team to take objectives or ambush an opponent. Players
will also learn how to self-reflect and manage their emotions to perform their
best and support their team no matter what.

Will I train alone or with a team?
Every camper will be teamed up with other players of similar skill level to develop teamwork
and communication skills crucial to the success of every competitive player.
Each camper will play side-by-side with teammates every day and learn how to
prepare, play, and learn from any competitive experience.

What do I learn beyond just the game?
Physical and mental fitness is crucial to the success of every player to manage their
in-game stress levels and keep their focus over the course of a tournament.
Physical training includes fitness basics and specific exercises to prevent
wrist injuries, while mental training includes meditation and mindfulness
practices to prepare teams to play and help them relax and reflect after each
session. This mix of in-game play and out-of-game fitness develops the entire
athlete so they can unlock their full potential.

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