September 29, 2020

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US Sports Camps Acquires Play Your Game Collective, Provider of Esports Camps


June 25, 2020

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Value of Coaching — Esports Camps Partners with Esports Performance Academy

Esports Camps and Esports Performance Academy have teamed up to bring premium coaching to Esports and Competitive Gaming. The partnership kicked off in early April through free digital coaching sessions in League of Legends for competitive and developmental players.


February 18, 2020

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Leveled Up News - February 16, 2020

Two new Esports & Leadership Camps Announced for New York + First Weeks Learning from Overwatch League 2020 + Pokimane Donates 50k to Collegiate Esports + The Worlds Oldest Man & How Flyquest is Redefining Themselves Through Purpose.


February 13, 2020

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There is no pause, Mom

Our CMO, Joshua Van Horsen writes about the importance of parents connecting with their children around gaming, defining boundaries, and developing their own healthy gaming habits.


February 10, 2020

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Combating Toxicity at Esports Camps

Combating toxicity is part of our mission at Esports Camps. Not just to provide a safe place to game and train, but also to improve our gaming communities. #PlaywithPurpose


February 10, 2020

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Leveled Up News - February 9, 2020

⬆ Leveled Up: Esports Camps - Where to Next? + Esports Build Academic Skills + CEO Tricia Sugita’s Vision FOR FLYQUEST


February 5, 2020

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Leveled Up News - February 2, 2020


January 30, 2020

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Leveled Up News - January 26, 2020

More Camps Coming Soon + Complexity Announces Esports Triathlon + Chel Gaming Challenge at NHL AllStar Weekend + Youtube Locks in CoDL & OWL + PlayVS Secures Official HS & Collegiate Fortnite


January 2, 2020

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Esports Camps 2019 Reflection

It was a landmark year for us at Play Your Game Collective, operators of Esports Camps.


December 30, 2019

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Best of 2019- An Unexpected Esports Camp Experience.

Tiffany Beers, Head of Gaming Innovation at Logitech, writes, "Looking back on this year, one of my favorite opportunities was to speak to over 40 young ladies, who are all active gamers, at the Girls in Gaming event at the Adamas Esports Training Facility in Vancouver, Canada. I spoke about the product development process as it applies to gaming headsets like the ones we build at Logitech G and Astro Gaming."


May 23, 2019

Interview, Menlo College, Cogswell College,

Interview with Alex Holler - Head Coach of Menlo College

A brief interview with Alex Holler from Menlo College on the growth of collegiate esports.


April 17, 2019

Interview, Illinois College

Interview with Justin Bragg, Head Coach of Illinois College Esports

A quick Q&A with Justin Bragg from Illinois College on the importance of the camp experience.


March 18, 2019

Press Release

Esports Camps, UCI Esports & Riot Games Team Up for Girls in Gaming

Esports Camps has partnered with UCI Esports and Riot Games for a special event for girls in gaming. This free event will provide a comprehensive overview of the esports industry and will feature guest speakers from Riot Games, UCI Esports and other top industry professionals. The goal of the event is to introduce high school aged girls to the many facets of the growing esports ecosystem which include: competitive gaming, game design, college prep, game marketing and much more.


March 11, 2019


Interview with Chalin Cahlik, Head Coach of Tiffin University Esports

A quick Q&A with Chalin Cahlik from Tiffin University on the dynamics and goals of an esports camp.


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