Girls in Gaming Camp: Featuring Fortnite + Other games

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Girls in Gaming Camp: Featuring Fortnite + Other games

Girls in Gaming
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We are pleased to announce our Girls in Gaming Camp: Featuring Fortnite + Other games. Immerse yourself with top level instruction at this week long digital camp. With curriculum designed for beginners-advanced players, campers connect with other girl gamers in an interactive community building experience. The first Girls in Gaming Camp: Featuring Fortnite will cover several significant aspects of the Esports ecosystem including, professional and collegiate competition, creative design, content creation, streaming, and player development.

During the Girls in Gaming Camp, campers compete in a comprehensive camp experience: featuring daily scrim, informative breakout sessions and talks given by recognized guest speakers about strength training, goal setting, nutrition and more. Connect with other girl gamers and work with the Fortnite camp staff as you focus your training on esports performance with an emphasis on nutrition, teamwork, communication, sleep, and psychology. Campers participate in drills and exercises focused on athlete bonding in specific groups. Campers attend lessons and lectures from industry leading professionals to learn about nutrition and mental strength training.

Increase game sense and performance through lessons, practice, play, and personalized gameplay analysis. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to help you improve and succeed physically and mentally, in and out the game. Work on improving mechanical skill – your building speed and repertoire, aim, and strategic planning – starting out in the best areas, farming resources optimally, learning when to engage or run, pathing, and awareness. Campers train and improve through fundamental instruction, game situations, and specific conditioning. There’s a lot to learn when working together as squads – there’s distributing resources, coordination, callouts, and strategies.

Camp is offered through Discord video call and will only be available for those who register. Campers work directly with Coach Dody on all tips, tricks, scrims, and plugs.

Camp will offer physical exercises & techniques you can use to keep your body in peak performance.


  • Fortnite


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  • Nutrition, Teamwork, Communication & Gamer Longevity
  • Overview of the Esports Industry
  • Instructional and interactive talks on game design, and content led by industry professionals
  • In-depth advice and guidelines on preparing to play collegiate Esports
  • Best practices for team communication and performance in Esports competition
  • Individual leadership development
  • General physical and psychological Esports training tips
  • Focused on screen skill-development + physical and psychological training

Camps sessions run Monday-Friday and are broadcast each day of camp (July 13th- 17th). Camp will meet each day 11am-1pm PST/1pm-3pm CST/2pm-4pm EST.  Please indicate your server choice (east or west) when registering.


2pm: Warm Up: Hand exercises, word of the day, agenda

2:15pm: Lesson: Mental APM, callouts, team bonding

2:30pm: Drills in creative: Building speed, repertoire aim

3:00pm: Guest Speaker

3:30pm: Competitive play, incorporating daily lessons, other games played

4:15pm: Headspace, cool down + dismissal


Gamer Fitness - Healthy strategies to take care of your body and mind

Skills Acquisition - Understanding the game, and how to refine your mechanics

Game Mechanics - Teamwork and Communication. Tunneling techniques, Low-ground strategies, Peek shots

Game Settings - Improving ability by leaving your comfort zone

Scrims - Get real time feedback against other campers. Box Fights & Zone Wars to take your gameplay to the next level

Campers Check-in: Monday's

Campers Check-out: Friday's

Skill Level: All Skills

Gender: Girls

Registration Package:

A detailed registration packet containing check-in details, health/release forms, required items, and emergency contact information will be emailed a week before the start of camp.


Esports Camp Director

Cody Lefevre


  • Over 100 5 Star Reviews on
  • 20+ Years Gaming
  • 24+ Years as an Athlete and played College Lacrosse
  • Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from University of Northern Colorado
  • Business and Economics Degree from Ursinus College
  • Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance(PCA) as a “Double-Goal Coach®”
  • Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS)
  • 5+ Years as a Teacher/Coach. Currently coaches high school lacrosse and elementary physical education

What Campers Say:

"I really liked the digital camp experience I learned a lot of new exercises from Coach Dody and I learned a lot about the game while in the camp. I learned a lot more about water-falling and side jumps while at camp and improved in multiple aspects of my game play." - Emmet W (Camper)

VP of Partnerships with Complexity Gaming

Ashley Chalk

Ashley Chalk is the Vice President of Partnerships at Complexity Gaming, one of North America’s longest standing esports organizations, owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and investor John Goff. In her role, Chalk is responsible for growing the business by developing new partnerships and growing existing relationships.








Age Group


Skill Level

Beginner - Advanced







Costs listed above include all days of this event.


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Esports Camps are independently organized by Play Your Game Collective without any participation, governance, or oversight by Riot Games.


"Our son William absolutely loved it and gained more confidence with his gaming during this week of camp. He really enjoyed spending time with people who had the same level of interest that he has for esports. It also opened his and our eyes to what is involved in playing and/or training for esports."
—Parent from Toronto Esports Camp


"I had a super time at the Esports Camp! Lovely to meet so many people IRL, and geek out with our next generation of leaders and changers in the space."
— Mindy


"The gaming was great because I had people to play with and I got to try new things. Our coach(Sidney) was nice and a good coach and got along with everyone and the overnight stay part was ok"
— Nino


"Apparently his coach helped him with a mistake ritual. I am so thankful as this will help the screaming decrease. Ha! He improved high ground re-takes, game sense and side jumps and I have no idea what any of that means. So thank you!"
— Laura


"I really improved on my team communication skills. This was my first real competitive experience, and I think it was a lot of fun, and very valuable. I really enjoyed working as a team, and cooperating with others to reach our goal."
— Dylan


"My takeaway from this camp was how health and other activities play a role into video games. I also loved learning from the Cavs coach and what his daily routine is like."
— Luke


"I learned how to work with my overwatch team much better than I could have without camp."
— Weston


"This was awesome everybody was very nice and they helped me understand the game better"
— Kyan


"Rambo was very knowledgeable about things you can do outside of the game like stretches and your mindset, not just in the game. My overall gameplay became better because of that."
— George
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