Gaming and Leadership Camp hosted by University of Toronto Esports

This Gaming and Leadership Camp is operated by the University of Toronto Esports. Camps are 5 days long, and run from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm for two weeks in July and August. Camp is designed to improve each camper's skills and learn more about the world of Esports. Campers will have a wide range of options to fill their day, from structured lessons to on computer practice, freeplay, and more. 

Highlights include 
  • Team based groups of 5, with one coach per group
  • Top Level coaches ranking in the top 0.001% of players in their game
  • Unlimited computer access during camp hours
  • 8 hours of both on and off computer instructions, drills and challenges
  • League UNLOCKED
  • Official ESC T-Shirt
  • Learn to Stream and Teamwork 101
  • Modular experience with a variety of optional courses and lessons
  • Learn while playing League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch and more!


This program looks to help campers foster and develop Esports talent and critical interpersonal skills required to be successful in a team play based world. On the computers, our talented team of top level players, coaches and counsellors will work with campers through a series of tailored-to-experience drills, lessons and activities to help them strive to be the best Esports athlete they can be. But it doesn't end there! We understand that out of game excellence leads to in-game success, that's why we focus on off screen experience, teaching campers critical skills like self-reflexivity, teamwork, perseverance and even nutrition. By the end of the camp, it is our sincere hope that each camper will walk away with new friends, improved skills, and with an strenghtened foundation to be successful, not just as a gamer, but in life. 


Located just a short walk east of Queens Park in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Invictus game station boasts an impressive 80+ computers for all your personal uses. They also double down as one of Toronto's largest PC gaming hubs, hosting many of Toronto's PC tournaments. Open 24/7 and with fair rates, they are a great place to both sit back and relax, or band together and challenge the best. 


Campers will have the option of going directly to the venue for pickup/dropoff or a station at University of Toronto Varsity Stadium along Bloor street. Campers who choose to be dropped off at University of Toronto will walk to the venue with staff. Both locations are extremely close to public transit. Invictus game station is located right across the street from Wellesley Station on line one, and Varsity Stadium is located directly across from St.George station on line one and two. 

Registration Package 

A detailed registration packet containing check-in details, catering options, health/release forms, and emergency contact information will be emailed 4 weeks before the camp starts.

Registration package will be emailed prior to camp and available on sign in.

Additional Options:
  • Before and after care: $80 from 8-9 or 5-6, $140 for both
  • One on One coaching: $30 per hour

Sample Day 

9am: Warm Up (CS practice, hand exercises)

10 am: Lesson: Mental APM

11 am: Team Bonding: ARAMs

12 pm: Lunch & Free play

1 pm: Class: How positivity wins you games

2 pm: Lesson: Trusting your teammates

3 pm: Drill: Input Buffering and Animation Cancelling

4 pm: Practice & Free play & Tournament

4:45 pm: Headspace / cool-down


The Yordle Squad

Vinni Nguyen

  • 15 Years Moba Experience inc. Dota, Dota 2, HoN and LoL
  • Full Time Educational Streamer
  • Peak Challenger (top 200) player
  • Aspiring to share his passion and knowledge of LoL and help create Legends!

Camp Details


Invictus Game Station 558 Yonge St, Toronto ON M4Y 1Z1

Full Day Camp (9:00 am - 5:00 pm )

1-5 ratio of counselor to camper 

Coaches consist of diamond 2+ (top .01% of player base) in League of Legends

Bring your own lunch with lunch options available for purchase.

$395 inc. HST


Complete Skills

Age Group:

13-21 with groups of 5 based on ranking and age


Boys & Girls


Register for Camp

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