Robert Morris University League of Legends Training Camp

You're here because you want an upper hand in League of Legends. Whether it's an upper hand to increase the chances of getting an esports collegiate scholarship, improvement in your own individual gameplay, high school leagues, independently organized tournaments, or the new clash game mode, the Robert Morris University esports camp has proven methods to achieve your own goals while learning alongside other peers all trying to advance their own competitive needs.

RMU's Tradition of Excellence:


2nd Place NACC - D1 - League of Legends


2nd Place ULOL - D1 - League of Legends 

1st Gamers 4 Giving - League of Legends


Top 4 CLOL - D1 - League of Legends 

1st Midwest Campus Clash - D1 - League of Legends 

2nd Wichita Esports - League of Legends


Top 4 Midwest Campus Clash - D1 - League of Legends 

Top 4 CSL - D2 - League of Legends 

1st  Avg - D1 - League of Legends

College Prep:

RMU has set the standard by which all other programs have been evaluated and have tried to emulate. We encourage all parents to attend a seminar on the first morning to understand a bit better what collegiate Esports is.

The RMU's 4 Step Process to Develop the Esport Athelete:

1. Invdivudal and Skill Evaluation:

We do not expect every player to be perfect, otherwise why would you be here? Throughout our collegiate League of Legends training, we have learned that the individuals who succeed in recognizing their own flaws end up having the most drastic improvement as an individual player and as a team player. Based on your in-game rank and experience, we will sort everyone into groups. The coaches will work with each group and provide feedback toward everyone’s developmental goals to expedite improvement. Your start does not determine how you finish. Soon your weakness will become incredible strengths.

2. Player Development Goals:

Coordination - Communication - Attitude - Leadership

3. Individual and Skills Development:

Individual Skill Development: How to practice efficiently: Quality>Quantity, keeping up with Meta, watching VODs, Health

Team Skills Development: Picks & Bans, Improving as a Teammate,

In Game decision making: Wave management, pressure, and objective priority / control

4. Physical and Mental Health Development

A player’s mental and physical well-being will improve their overall play in-game by improving focus, managing stress, and preventing long-term injury.


Esports Director

Michael Wisnios

Esports Associate Director

Jose Espin

Logan Felde


Leoanrdo Cuellar


Cesare Panici


Camp Details






401 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605

Check-in: Monday at 8:45 AM

Closing Ceremony: Thursday at 3:30 PM

Daily Hours: 9AM - 4PM



Complete Skills

Age Group:



Boys & Girls



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