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LoL Development Camp: OS NYC

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Welcome to the Esports Camps National LoL Youth Camp Series! This camp is directed by the OS NYC and New York Tech Esports Coaches. July 20-24 the focus is on League of Legends Development training. Camp is guaranteed to take place, if we are unable to meet in real life then we will conduct camp in a digital environment. Gamer ambition is critical in this comprehensive development training program. Campers focus on improving their skills, through the perfect balance of individual instruction and collaboration!

LoL Youth Camp Series Philosophy

Coaches work with each camper to develop skills through fundamental teaching, video review, leadership development, teamwork & human performance. The camp goal is for each camper to become a better player, train as a team and develop beyond the game. Campers will utilize the adjacent park rec space for off screen mind and body awareness and physical exercises.

Situated in New York City, OS Studios is the perfect place for all aspiring gamers from in and around NYC to level up this summer and get exposure to professional and college esports.


  • Team based groups of 5, with one coach per group
  • Top level coaches ranking in the top % of the game
  • Focused on screen skill-development + mind and body training
  • Level up with 30 hours per week of both on and off computer instructions, drills and challenges
  • Official ESC T-Shirt + access to other camp specific game assets


9am: Warm Up (CS practice, hand exercises)

10am: Lesson: mental APM

11am: Team bonding: ARAMs

11:30am: Physical training & exercise

12:30pm: Lunch (please bring a packed lunch) & free play (non-screen time)

1:30pm: Class: How positivity wins you games

2:00pm: Lesson: Trusting your teammates

2:30pm: Drill: Input Buffering and Animation Cancelling

3pm: Competitive play, incorporating daily lessons

3:45pm: Headspace, cool down + dismissal

Parents Informational Session:

The camp staff would like to welcome all parents to stay for the first hour of camp to learn about the camp curriculum and esports training in general. The camp staff will share the training schedule for the week and provide additional background on why and how camp will be focused on more than just on-screen skill development.

Registration Package:

A detailed registration packet containing check-in details, catering options, health/release forms, and emergency contact information will be emailed 4 weeks before the start of camp.

Register with Confidence:

Secure your spot today for $25, that $25 will automatically be applied to your remaining tuition balance. Final balances are due the first day of the month prior to the month of your camp start date i.e. final pay date is May 1st if your camp date begins in the month of June). Camp is guaranteed to take place in the real or digital world.


New York Tech Esports Head Coach

Elieser Duran

Elieser "DuranSquared" Duran is the Head Coach of Esports at New York Tech. Starting off as a senior he has managed the CYBEARS starting with 7 students and one team and has grown to over 50 players across 9 teams. He is constantly looking to better his team either with new training or new organization techniques to simplify the grind to pro.


New York






50 Bowery, New York, NY 10013

Age Group


Skill Level

Iron-Silver Rank


Boys & Girls





Costs listed above include all days of this event.

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Esports Camps are independently organized by Play Your Game Collective without any participation, governance, or oversight by Riot Games.


"Our son William absolutely loved it and gained more confidence with his gaming during this week of camp. He really enjoyed spending time with people who had the same level of interest that he has for esports. It also opened his and our eyes to what is involved in playing and/or training for esports."
—Parent from Toronto Esports Camp


"I had a super time at the Esports Camp! Lovely to meet so many people IRL, and geek out with our next generation of leaders and changers in the space."
— Mindy


"The gaming was great because I had people to play with and I got to try new things. Our coach(Sidney) was nice and a good coach and got along with everyone and the overnight stay part was ok"
— Nino


"My biggest takeaway was understanding the work that truly goes into being an esports athlete. I am happy I got to hear those challenges that might arise in the future so we can make better decisions now."
— Ashley
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