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#GTG: Camp is Guaranteed to Go!

League of Legends Camp: Uptime Esports

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#GTG: Camp is Guaranteed to Go! Amidst Covid-19 we have taken the utmost safety measures to ensure a safe, quality, in person camp experience. If you do not choose to attend the camp in person, then you can join the camp digitally from your home.

Welcome to the Esports Camps National LoL Youth Camp Series! This camp is directed by the Uptime Esports Coaches. Campers focus on building their skills, learn from top level coaches and compete with players ranking in the top % of the game. Gamer ambition is critical, this camp is designed for gamers who want to improve their skills, compete, learn about collegiate esports, and level up to champion!

LoL Youth Camp Series Philosophy

Coaches work with each camper to develop skills through fundamental teaching, video review, leadership development, teamwork & human performance. Daily instruction takes place in the mornings followed by tournament play in the afternoon. Upon arrival at camp, campers are grouped with other campers with similar abilities and goals. The camp goal is for each camper to become a better player, train as a team and develop beyond the game. Campers at competitive camp learn about mental toughness and tournament preparation during the week. Campers utilize the adjacent park rec space for off screen mind and body awareness and physical exercises.

Situated in Hanover, MA Uptime Esports is the perfect place for all aspiring competitive gamers from in and around Boston to level up this summer and get exposure to professional and college esports.


  • Single Elimination - Semi-Finals and Finals to be broadcast on Twitch
  • All Day Friday: Starting at noon EST
  • Winners eligible for prizes!


  • Team based groups of 5, with one coach per group
  • Top level coaches ranking in the top % of the game
  • Focused on screen skill-development + mind and body training
  • Tournament play and competition, compete against the states best
  • Level Up with 20 hours per week of both on and off computer instructions, drills and challenges
  • Official ESC T-Shirt + access to other camp specific game assets

For campers that choose the digital option, camp is offered through Discord video call and will only be available for those who register. Campers work directly with coaches on all tips, tricks, and scrims.

Camp will also offer physical exercises & techniques you can use to keep your body in peak performance.

The League of Legends Camp: Uptime Esports is designed for all players of ranking Iron-Diamond looking to take their game to the next level. Camps sessions are broadcast each day of camp (August 3rd-7th) from 12pm-4pm PST/ 2pm-6pm CST/3pm-7pm EST.


3pm: Warm Up: CS practice, hand exercises, word of the day, agenda

3:15pm: Lesson: Mental APM, callouts, team bonding

3:30pm: Drills: jungle pathing, vision wards, callouts etc.

4:00pm: Physical training & exercise, nutrition lesson, psychology

4:30pm: Snack Break

4:45pm: Guest Speaker

5:00pm: Drills: Match play and review with micro review on each player

5:45pm: Competitive play, incorporating daily lessons, tournament with VOD analysis

7:00pm: Headspace, cool down

Parents Informational Session:

The camp staff would like to welcome all parents to stay for the first hour of camp to learn about the camp curriculum and esports training in general. The camp staff share the training schedule for the week and provide additional background on why and how camp will be focused on more than just on-screen skill development.

Registration Package:

A detailed registration packet containing check-in details, catering options, health/release forms, and emergency contact information will be emailed 4 weeks before the start of camp.


Uptime Esports Coach

Jonathan Gargoshian

Jonathan "reVo" Gargoshian was a six-time North American national esports champion. He has traveled all over the world competing in numerous international championships in Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey. With over seven years of experience in the esports scene as both a professional player and coach, reVo has left his mark in each game he competes in. Whether it’s establishing a professional-level roster or developing teams to compete at a high caliber, reVo is tenacious about advancing the esports scene and taking Uptime United players to new heights.

Uptime Esports Coach

Ruben Benitez

Ruben “Rilox” Benitez was the League of Legends Team Captain and player coach for Georgia Southern University. Rilox has consistently been in the top 0.3% of the League of Legends rank ladder for the past five years and has coached many collegiate players, taking their games to the next level. Rilox graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in public relations and is passionate about promoting proper communication within the gaming scene. Rilox enjoys playing and coaching League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate. Beside esports, Rilox enjoys sports, anime, and music.

Uptime Esports Coach

Zach Previte

Zach “Dare2Defy” Previte was previously the captain and scholarship player coach of Ohio State’s League of Legends team. During his tenure at OSU, he led his team to the Big 10 playoffs three years in a row as well as peaked at rank #124 on the North American ladder. Dare2Defy brings a calculated approach to coaching, leaving nothing to chance. After 10 years of playing esports-caliber games at a competitive level, he is a versatile coach with expertise across many popular game titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and League of Legends. Outside the game, he enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym, and eating good food.

Uptime Esports Coach

Tony Schelevitz

Tony “TuRbii” Schelevitz started his gaming career at a young age, competing in Halo tournaments where he achieved his first LAN win at the age of 16. He continued his gaming career on PC where he attained five national championship titles and represented North America at international championships in Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, and Turkey. With about a decade in music education, TuRbii brings his experience in teaching music and gaming together to help other esports athletes rise through the ranks. You’ll find TuRbii spending most of his game time in Overwatch, Rocket League, and Apex Legends. Besides gaming, he enjoys drumming and hockey.







Uptime Esports

200 Webster St, Suite 2, Hanover, MA 02339

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Costs listed above include all days of this event.

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Esports Camps are independently organized by Play Your Game Collective without any participation, governance, or oversight by Riot Games.


"Our son William absolutely loved it and gained more confidence with his gaming during this week of camp. He really enjoyed spending time with people who had the same level of interest that he has for esports. It also opened his and our eyes to what is involved in playing and/or training for esports."
—Parent from Toronto Esports Camp


"I had a super time at the Esports Camp! Lovely to meet so many people IRL, and geek out with our next generation of leaders and changers in the space."
— Mindy


"The gaming was great because I had people to play with and I got to try new things. Our coach(Sidney) was nice and a good coach and got along with everyone and the overnight stay part was ok"
— Nino


"My biggest takeaway was understanding the work that truly goes into being an esports athlete. I am happy I got to hear those challenges that might arise in the future so we can make better decisions now."
— Ashley
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