League of Legends Camp: Cavs Legion

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League of Legends Camp: Cavs Legion

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Welcome to the Esports Camps National LOL Youth Camp Series! This camp is directed by the Esports Performance Academy. Campers focus on building their skills, learn from top level coaches and compete with players ranking in the top % of the game. Gamer ambition is critical, this camp is designed for gamers who want to improve their skills, compete, learn about esports performance and psychology, and level up to champion!

LOL Youth Camp Series Philosophy

The comprehensive training approach provides players with a number of tactics and tools that they can utilize to improve their gaming skills, while building important life skills that extend beyond the game. Campers can expect to improve their, reactions, APM, and awareness. Campers learn about champion matchups, and best tactics with specific champions. Learn how to prevent tilting and maintaining your flow state with mental and human performance training. Learn how to take control of the map from the start! Camp will also feature involvement from Cavs Gaming and health and wellness guest speeches by Dr. Dominic King of the Cleveland Clinic.


  • Official ESC T-Shirt + access to other camp specific game assets
  • Campers get to pick their choice of any available champion skin!
  • Personal take home evaluation of initial skill assessment
  • Guest Speaker Dr Dominic King of the Cleveland Clinic

Camp is offered through Discord video call and will only be available for those who register. Coaches work with each camper to develop skills through fundamental teaching, video review, leadership development, teamwork & human performance. Daily instruction takes place in the mornings followed by tournament play in the afternoon. Upon arrival at camp, campers are grouped with other campers with similar abilities and goals. Campers work directly with coaches on all tips, tricks, and scrims.

The League of Legends Camp: Cavs Legion is designed for all players of ranking Iron-Diamond looking to take their game to the next level. Camps sessions are broadcast each day of camp (August 3rd-7th) from 12pm-4pm PST/ 2pm-6pm CST/3pm-7pm EST.


3pm: Warm Up: CS practice, hand exercises, word of the day, agenda

3:15pm: Lesson: Mental APM, callouts, team bonding

3:30pm: Drills: jungle pathing, vision wards, callouts etc.

4:00pm: Physical training & exercise, nutrition lesson, psychology

4:30pm: Snack Break

4:45pm: Guest Speaker

5:00pm: Drills: Match play and review with micro review on each player

5:45pm: Competitive play, incorporating daily lessons, tournament with VOD analysis

7:00pm: Headspace, cool down

Registration Package:

A detailed registration packet containing check-in details, catering options, health/release forms, and emergency contact information will be emailed 2 weeks before the start of camp.


Esports Performance Academy Co-Founder

Andrew Cooley

Andrew Cooley’s background includes over 15 years in all levels of esports, from playing professionally to coaching to management. He founded State of Mind Gaming and was President of GG Esports Academy prior to co-founding Esports Performance Academy. He has guided and fostered teams and players through various states of their careers, establishing a strong foundation of insights into the mindsets and motivations driving esports aces and aspirants. Given that, he believes that the environment around a player is just as intrinsically important as skills development – and can often be harder to come by. Mechanical and game knowledge will come from just playing the game, but team environment, communicative skills, and physical/psychological fitness all contribute to peak performance, and are not as naturally fostered.

Guest Speaker Cleveland Clinic

Dominic King, DO

Dominic King is a doctor in the Orthopedic Surgery Department, at the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Center. He is excited to be a guest speaker at this camp.







Virtual Camp

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Costs listed above include all days of this event.


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Esports Camps are independently organized by Play Your Game Collective without any participation, governance, or oversight by Riot Games.


"Our son William absolutely loved it and gained more confidence with his gaming during this week of camp. He really enjoyed spending time with people who had the same level of interest that he has for esports. It also opened his and our eyes to what is involved in playing and/or training for esports."
—Parent from Toronto Esports Camp


"I had a super time at the Esports Camp! Lovely to meet so many people IRL, and geek out with our next generation of leaders and changers in the space."
— Mindy


"The gaming was great because I had people to play with and I got to try new things. Our coach(Sidney) was nice and a good coach and got along with everyone and the overnight stay part was ok"
— Nino


"Apparently his coach helped him with a mistake ritual. I am so thankful as this will help the screaming decrease. Ha! He improved high ground re-takes, game sense and side jumps and I have no idea what any of that means. So thank you!"
— Laura


"I really improved on my team communication skills. This was my first real competitive experience, and I think it was a lot of fun, and very valuable. I really enjoyed working as a team, and cooperating with others to reach our goal."
— Dylan


"My takeaway from this camp was how health and other activities play a role into video games. I also loved learning from the Cavs coach and what his daily routine is like."
— Luke


"I learned how to work with my overwatch team much better than I could have without camp."
— Weston


"This was awesome everybody was very nice and they helped me understand the game better"
— Kyan


"Rambo was very knowledgeable about things you can do outside of the game like stretches and your mindset, not just in the game. My overall gameplay became better because of that."
— George
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