Esports & Leadership Camp - Presented by IQ Esports

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Esports & Leadership Camp - Presented by IQ Esports

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We are pleased to bring back Canada's first esports camp this time partnering with IQ Esports & Ministry of Game, located in Toronto, Ontario!

Experience a battlefield tested curriculum designed with personal growth in mind. This camp focuses on developing both in game skills and building the foundations for excellence in esports. Through drills, development challenges and group activities each camper learns techniques to improve their game and develop proper training habits.

The camp will focus on League of Legends, Fortnite and Apex Legends.  


  • Hand-Crafted curriculum with help of industry leading professionals
  • Team based groups of 5, with one coach per group
  • Top Level coaches ranking in the top % of the game
  • Focused on screen skill-development + physical and psychological training
  • 8 hours of both on and off computer instructions, drills and challenges
  • League UNLOCKED
  • Official ESC T-Shirt
  • A dedicated session on the first day of camp to educate parents on proper esports training habits plus Q&A about collegiate esports


9:00am: Warm Up (CS practice, hand exercises)

10:00am: Lesson: Gaming Toolkit development

11:00am: Squad up: Team bonding

12:00pm: Lunch and off screen time

1:30pm: Class: Academics and Esports (Time management)

2:00pm: Drill: Mental-APM development

3:00pm: Free Play and one on one review

4:00pm: Optional Parent drop-in session

5:00pm: Dismissal


Camp Coach - League of Legends

Willem Claassen

I have been playing League of Legends since 2014 when I moved into the city of Barrie Ontario. After graduating High School I went to Humber College where I met many others who had an interest in League of Legends. I kept searching if there was some sort of ‘League of Legends club’ but to my dismay there was none. The community was there, yet there was no one to really bring us together. So I decided I was going to bring the community together myself. Thus founding the ‘League of humber’ League of Legends club.

The club has since been growing and at the time I’m writing this, the club has over 300 active members made up entirely of students. I loved being a leader in a passionate community all sharing something in common, a joy for the same game. I have always had a strong passion for the game I play since my dubious beginnings of a high schooler. Now, I coach/teach others professionally whether they are new or experienced in order to pursue my passion for connecting others in the things we love to do.

Camp Coach

Khris Finley

Khris got into video games with Pokemon Yellow and after completing the game 100% realized his dedication to improving his video games skills.  He spends many hours playing, theory crafting, testing, or looking over game footage every week and is constantly get better.  While his main game is Super Smash Bros, Khris has a wide variety of competitive gaming experience and is a huge believer in communication, theory crafting, and off screen analytics when it comes to getting better at video games.  He has taught video games, listening, and communication workshops across Ontario and has over 7 years of teaching experience to people ages 12-60.

Camp Coach

Bill Wray

Bill is an avid gamer and a huge believer of learning through play.  For the past 5 years, he has been working on the board of directors with the Canadian Improv Games, where he organized and taught camps to students, professionals, and government officials across the country.  An avid Smash Bros Ultimate Wolf main and League of Legends Jungler, Bill is now uniting his passions of esports and learning together with IQ esports.







Ministry of Game

1860 Wilson Ave. North York, Ontario, Canada

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"Our son William absolutely loved it and gained more confidence with his gaming during this week of camp. He really enjoyed spending time with people who had the same level of interest that he has for esports. It also opened his and our eyes to what is involved in playing and/or training for esports."
—Parent from Toronto Esports Camp


"I had a super time at the Esports Camp! Lovely to meet so many people IRL, and geek out with our next generation of leaders and changers in the space."
— Mindy


"The gaming was great because I had people to play with and I got to try new things. Our coach(Sidney) was nice and a good coach and got along with everyone and the overnight stay part was ok"
— Nino


"My biggest takeaway was understanding the work that truly goes into being an esports athlete. I am happy I got to hear those challenges that might arise in the future so we can make better decisions now."
— Ashley
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